Discover Your Purpose

Embark on a Life-Changing Journey with Us!


We help you introspect and understand your unique person
and then workout a practical actionable plan to start living out your life meaningfully and to the fullest.

Our 4-Step Process

The Purpose Project program is a carefully curated four step process that is certain to help an individual not just find out what their unique purpose in life is but also take actionable steps towards living it out to the fullest.

Online Assessment

Our First Step is a brief online purpose assessment quiz that will help you get a directional perspective on your purpose.

Online Workshop

Our Second Step is an interactive online group workshop designed to help you delve deeper into understanding your purpose.

One-on-One Counseling

Our Third Step is a one-on-one discussion with a purpose counselor from our team to help you workout an actionable plan.

Support Group

The Last Step is access to a support group that will help with keeping you accountable to your goals and your action plan.

Purpose Testimonials

Smita Shore

Bangalore, India

The workshop helped me demystify my purpose. It gave me clarity about the gifts that God has placed inside me and how I can use them. I always thought the gift I have is easily replaceable, but this workshop helped me realize that everyone is unique and that if we cut out all the noise and focus on carrying out our purpose, life is not only more meaningful but also a lot less complicated.

Pranav Munim

Mumbai, India

My experience was fantastic! For a webinar of this length, I was always engaged and it also helped that I had a good breakout team that was very interactive. The workshop helps you realize that your passion may not be the thing that you are currently pursuing.

Capt. Jose Oommen (Retd.)

Bangalore, India

Even after so many years in leadership, this workshop kept me engaged all the time. There was never a moment when I wasn't learning. Feel blessed! Thank you, Purpose Project Team.

Saravana Murali

Coimbatore, India

The contents and the activities in the Participant's workbook were good and it helped in realization of identifying and pursuing the Purpose.

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