Pastor Chadwick Mohan
Lead Pastor of English Service, New Life Assembly of God, Chennai and Regional Director – South Asia, Lausanne Movement

“I felt like my dreams were shattered beyond repair. 

I had just finished my 12th grade and had worked with the single-minded aim of getting into medical college. I had a high percentage in my Board exams and knew I could make the cut. But that particular year – 1992 – because of a case in the high court it was decided that the 12th grade Board exam percentage wouldn’t be considered for admission to college. Entrance exam marks would be the sole admissions criterion. But, unfortunately, I missed that cut-off mark off by a few decimal points.

Just a few marks seemed to stand between me and my dreams.

I remember locking myself in the restroom back at home and sobbing. After all, I wanted to serve people and, I believed, that the medical field was the only path for me to fulfil that dream.

Thankfully, through the counsel and wisdom of those around me, especially my church community, I discovered that my purpose was to serve people through a different path.

I started my engineering degree with a sense of disappointment because this was not where I had envisioned myself. But, soon, it opened a whole new world to me. I met people from different backgrounds, from different language groups, from different cultures. Engineering college prepared me to understand people and it showed me that my passion is to shape people and groom leaders. I mean, just couple of years in a college hostel can prepare you to meet all sorts of challenges that you face in daily human interactions and relationships!

Today, I run a program call “Life to the Nth” where I encourage people to look back on each decade of their life and see what they can learn from their past experiences. 

When I look back on my own life, I see Sovereign purpose behind what I’m doing now as a pastor. 

Had I got into medical school, I doubt I would have seen this vision so clearly. I doubt I would have lived this vision so intentionally. Everything in life happens for a reason.

I understand that my life’s work is beyond my work life. God has prepared good works in advance for me to do. My purpose is found in fulfilling those good works.”

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